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Transformer Tripod (Pro)

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About The Product

The Transformer Tripod features a cool appearance, innovative design and both a powerful and versatile functionality. It's suitable for professional and private use, outdoor and indoor.

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It’s innovative & adjustable leg joints provide great supporting capabilities. It’s resistant, flexible, rugged, and adaptable to any situation. Comes with four different feet variations including: spike feet (for sand and soil surfaces), suction cup feet (ideal for smooth surface), rubber feet (for regularsurfaces) and magnetic feet (for metal surfaces).

Easy and comfortable to carry, thanks to the XSories Tripod case. It can support every regular small-medium sized cameras & camcorders (2kg max).

Package Contents

- Transformer Tripod

- 4 feet variations (Rubber for extra gripping power, Spiked for outdoor terrains, Suction for windows and other smooth surfaces, and Magnetic for metal surfaces)

- Carry case